Alfa Romeo 33 mark II

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In January 2007 I read on the Dutch Alfa Club site about the selling of a 33 mark II. To give is a better word choice than for sale because it was an exchange for a box of beer. The car was registered on January 8 of 1998 and the year of manufacture was 1987. I wasn’t especially searching for a new project but this was a great opportunity for me as an Alfa Romeo enthusiast!

At First sight the 33 appeared to e in a pretty good shape and in a colour I had never seen on a 33. She had a bump in the rear wing and a lot of rust at the spare Wheel area and the outriggers but that was about everything. Besides of the rust holes I had already seen at the photographs she looked still fine for her age. After receiving some detail photographs a got in the mood of starting this 33 project. I didn’t see the 33 but for that box of beer I could take the risk and “buy” her.

According to the salesman the 33 would start anymore. But, turning the key resulted immediately in cranking the engine by the starting engine! After the carburettors received the fuel from the pump and some popping noise from the exhaust the engine got alive! The rest of the technique seemed to be ok, even the electrics seemed to be working.

The brakes needed attention, the brake pads were totally worn out and the break shoos were laying loose in the drums. Further on the engine produced a lot of carter pressure so a new engine is going to be fitted.