Alfa Romeo Giulia V6 Transaxle

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From the owner: Jan from the Netherlands.

I own my Giulia for 8 years now but I have been driving her for only 3 months in total. De rest of the time she was staying by numerous people in the garage. No I have more time for myself, I work at my own, I finally find the time to work on my sweet Giulia.

I want to make something special out of my Giulia. I considered for a long time to build in a 2.0 litre engine but I finally made the decision to mount the most beautiful engine that Alfa build: the V6 from the 75.

I bought the engine a few weeks ago, so finally I can start the project. I mount the V6 because I am in love with that engine. True love at first hearing. For me it is not a matter of horsepower, only when I cannot get it approved by the authorities I will build it for the circuit and only than power comes in sight.

Because the engine is pretty heavy, I want to mount the gearbox in the back in order to improve the weight distribution. In a 75 the front of the engine comes like 15cm in front of the front of the tire, in the Giulia it is at the same line as the front of the front tire. So more weight between the axes instead of in front of the axle. I will mount all of the 75 suspension in the back including the floor panel. The rear wings have to go 5 cm outside because of the bigger width of the 75 axle.

Further on there are some repairs to do at the body, like: the floor panels LF and RF are gone. The inside of the rear fenders is almost gone. Above the front screen is a spot. The outriggers are happily hard, from inside they look like new.

As you can see this is not a job for just one week. I plan this project in a couple of years. Doesn't matter, I have time left and I am going to do it without rush. And because this is not my daily job I will have to think twice before doing something.

Upcoming problems are; there have to be lower engine supports fitted. The engine is 3 cm to high right now. The rigger under the engine has to be shrunken with 4 cm in order to mount the engine further backwards.

De steering column is blocking the way, I am thinking of using the 75s one and perhaps mounting power steering. The exhaust manifold don't fit, they have to be adapted. The start is made, next week trying to mount the engine and take a look how much space is left for the radiator.

We hope for the best and I hope to be present at Alfa shows in a couple of years.