Alfa Romeo Zagato 1600

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This Alfa Romeo Zagato from 1969 belongs to Frans from the Netherlands. He bought the car in pretty good shape, although some mayor repairs to the body where needed. The engine was modified from a carburettor engine to an injection engine and delivers 140 hp. The engine was running ok but produced a lot of smoke. After a while the smoke got less. We plan to take apart the engine to consider if a mayor engine rebuild is necessary.

Frans does a lot of work himself like dismantling the car. The rest of the restoration is done by Mulano from the Netherlands. They started with dismantling the car and shaving of al the paint and filler. Al the electric wiring was numbered before removal. After that the bottom under seal was removed. An awful job! But the only right way to find rust and a better base for the new under seal. A hole in the floorpan was repaired. Then the complete front bottom was removed in order to make a solid repair. For the reparation of the front where 3 options available: repairing the front plate, having the frontplate remanufactured by a specialised company or rebuild the frontplate out of separate sections. Because of the costs of the project they choose for option 3. Also the outer sills were totally rotten. New ones cost a fortune so the sills were repaired. Than the job on the suspension was started. Every part was sandblasted and repainted and all the rubber bushes were renewed. The coils and dampers were replaced by lowered and stiffer ones. Also all break pipes were renewed. The 1600 front breaks were replaced by the bigger brakes of the 2000 series.

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