Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Mark I

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From the owner, Geert vd Meulen from the Netherlands

This chapter tells about the restoration of a Giulietta Sprint 750B mark I from 1957. The car was originally hand built at Carrozzeria Bertone. The state we bought her in seemed to be okay. The paint wasnít in a good condition anymore but apart from that she didnít look bad at all. Before buying her we had her examined by the RDW, the technical state was good.

After driving for a while I decided to have a more close check at the car so I removed the interior. What I found was quite a shock. What was left of the floor pan was a giant hole, camouflaged at a miraculous way. I decided to totally strip the car and have her restored by professionals.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Mark I Restored to concours condition

Restored to concours condition