Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV 2000

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From the owner, John Heykens from the Netherlands

I bought my í86 GTV 2.0 in 2003. It was originally delivered in Switzerland and was imported to the Netherlands after one year.

Itís one of the latest of this model. There was an 2.0 engine fitted with carburettors en camshaft-adjuster, a combination what I never saw before.

My target was to build a GTV exactly as I wanted it to be: fitted with 2.0 twinspark engine, power steering and stiff suspension. The original colour was Rosso 530, this colour will be used again. The body was in great shape yet but I wanted the car to be in brand-new condition.

Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV 2000 Beautifull overhauled twinspark engine

Beautifull overhauled twinspark engine