Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6

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From the owner: Koos, The Netherlands.

In 2002 I visited the Spettacolo Sportivo at the circuit of Assen where I saw the gtv6. Probably I decided then to find myself a nice gtv6. And somewhere in September 2002 I found a nice gtv6 for a reasonably price in Friesland the Netherlands.

My gtv6 is a beautiful car, I always enjoy it when driving the car out of the garage on a nice summer day with the mighty sound of the V6 engine, awesome. The colour of the gtv6 is anthracite, it has nice MOMO rims and a Zender spoiler set. De spoiler set exists of front and rear bumper spoilers and a skirt set, it makes the gtv6 a lot more challenging then the original looks. The gtv6 is imported from Italia in 1997 and is build in 1981, it’s production number is 2346. The gtv6 is performed with only one outside driving mirror and has an air conditioner.

The intention is to get the gtv6 in good condition. The interior will be the Recaro interior it is a little more challenging then the current seventies interior. Within 8 years the car will be taken in parts for a complete rebuild and get it in a brand new condition.

The bodywork

This ’81 GTV-6 is still in pretty good shape. Although the body does need some repairs, it is definitely not ‘doomed’. Just like almost every GTV-6, the front inner-wings were gone. And sadly, as with SO many other classic cars, this GTV had also suffered from previous ‘restoration’!

The inner wing had been repaired by welding a steel plate directly onto the rotten metal instead of cutting out the rust and replacing it. In this photograph you can see how terrible it looked: the panel flanges (areas A and B in the photograph) have almost disappeared, it’s just one smooth surface.

In this photograph you can see that the repair has caused even more damage than there was before the repair! Welding has been done from above without first removing the underseal on the other side of the panel. Then the underside of the weld has been left untreated, and so has had every opportunity to start rusting again. Which it has, this time 15 cm further (line E in the photograph) than the original line of rust (line D in the photograph)! So this previous ‘repair’ meant ultimately more than three times the amount of work! Firstly, recovering the original shape of the panels, and secondly replacing an area twice as big!

Nevertheless, we succeeded in making a solid repair. The more time you put into measuring, cutting and welding, the better the result. This repair only needed a spot of one square cm of filler! The rest is so straight that you can paint right over the metal! And isn’t this what we all want? A classic car without tons of filler under the paint?

Would you like a quick indication of the state of your (forthcoming) GTV6? Then remove the rear bumper and take a look at and inside the bumper mountings and outriggers. If they look like those in the photographs that GTV might be an interesting choice. The RH outrigger is often totally gone, and repair can be pretty difficult!

The inner-wings were the most urgent repairs. In the near future we want to treat / protect the inside of all the box-sections / chassis-members with ML-coating and repair some rusted areas around the windows. Also the engine will be done; a total overhaul and some light modification.

Update July 2007

The Engine overhaul and tuning

The engine overhaul included new pistons and liners, new bearings and new gaskets. The cylinder heads were overhauled professionally, including new valve guides.

Tuning included raising the compression ratio from 9.0:1 to 10.3:1. 164 QV camshafts were fitted as well as a free-flow exhaust manifolds from Ansa/ Savali.

The result is impressive, the engine feels like it just gained 500 cc! The increase in power by the overhaul and tuning is approximately 25 Hp.

Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6 GTV6 with Zender spoilerkit and light alloy wheels

GTV6 with Zender spoilerkit and light alloy wheels