Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV (105)

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This ’73 GTV belonged to a friend of mine. It was a bit of a sad story.

According to the previous owner the car had been ‘fully restored’ in the past: I wonder what they thought the definition of ‘restoration’ is! Some parts of the body had been welded, in as much as you might call a few melted blobs of steel ‘welding’, but rusty parts which were too difficult to weld had been ‘repaired’ by applying glue, sticking a copper plate to the glue, and finishing that all off with a thick layer of underseal.

The most difficult area to repair was where the inner sill, floorpan and A-pillar meet. It took me a long time to repair this area. At first removing all of the copper-plates, expanded-foam and a ton of filler. Then cutting out the rusted areas. I folded an inner sill and the floor panel by myself on the bench, using 2 mm and 1 mm thick sheet. I was pretty satisfied with the result, it really looks great as you can see in the photographs. A pity that this turned out to be wasted effort… While doing partial repairs I discovered one major camouflaged problem after the other. After spending a lot of time and money we decided that it wasn’t worth continuing with this car. Even achieving roadworthy condition appeared to be almost impossible, never mind good condition.

Sad but true, we decided instead to dismantle the car.

The most important lesson which we were taught is: never buy a ‘restored’ car without seeing a photograph history!

Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV (105) The Bertone ready for restauration

The Bertone ready for restauration