In this chapter I introduce myself and explain how I became infected with the Alfa Romeo virus. My name is Sebastiaan Nieuwenhuis. I was born in 1975 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.I work at a Mercedes-Benz dealer as a senior mechanic. My interest is trouble-shooting in electronic systems. I also have studied Automotive Engineering at the HTS Arnhem & Nijmegen. I have been driving Alfa Romeos since I got my driving licence. I once heard that people choose a car which fits their personality. In my case this statement definitely fits! My car has to be non-standard, a bit out-of-the-ordinary. And it has to be sporty; not just a question of horsepower, but also character! I don't think I will ever drive something else. Alfa4ever.... In 1996 I joined the Dutch Alfa Romeo club SCARB and later the Dutch Alfa Romeo 33 clubSquadra33. I travelled to meetings, Italian shows etc. And, of course, I started collecting books, brochures and anything else I could find about Alfa Romeo. I even went to England in order to buy the Alfa Bible, as it wasn’t available in the Netherlands!